We bring control system tech to practice

Dotx Control Solutions develops algorithms and software to controlling systems. Our strength lies in combining high-quality competences in systems engineering,  software development and wide experience. 

What do we do

Dotx Control Solutions develops control system solutions and software that are widely applied.

A short overview of what we developed and do:

  • the 5 Axis Slicer, 3D printing control software for multi axis 3D printers
  • Root cause analysis and solutions of technical control problems
  • Programming of web-based monitors with graphical user interfaces
  • PID Tuner, a windows based software package to online, or offline connect to PID controllers and tune them

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Dotx Control Solutions

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Why hire us?

Why would you hire us? Here’s why:

We are trusted

Our control solutions are used all over the world, in widely differing applications, including pharmacy, steel making, wind turbine control, 3D printing and vehicle control. We are trusted by companies like Tata Steel, Emergy Wind Technology, Polpharma, Structon, Shimizu.

Need extra horsepower?

If you are in need of some extra horsepower, DotX is happy to help you. We regularly provide programming and consultancy services to companies that have a temporary shortage of staff.


Our service is not limited to basic software programming. We can develop complete solutions including graphical user-interfaces, smart custom algorithms and a complete back-end using database systems.

We bring our tools

Over the years we have developed a wide range of software tools for:

  • 3D printing
  • Data analysis
  • Control systems design and tuning
  • Optimization


We have developed solutions (software and consultancy) to a wide variety of complex challenges in, among others, 3D printing and other control systems. Our solutions are used all over the world. Browse through our services page to see examples.

Knowledge Transfer

In many cases, our customers want to learn from us and adopt our techniques in their organisation. To support this, we report systematically on what we plan to do, and what we have done. Furthermore, if we develop source code, our code is usually delivered as source code.

Some of our Clients


In my opinion, Dotx shows world class in wind turbine control development. They can apply the most advanced algorithms to solve a control challenge while making sure it works in practice. Even after many years working with them, they still manage to surprise me with new solutions from time to time.

DotX Control Solutions B.V. has solved numerous complex issues in the Kooks- en Gasfabriek 2 at Tatasteel IJmuiden.
In addition, DotX Control Solutions provides B.V. tailor-made solutions, such as a cloud based control monitoring application that warns us by email in case of system failures.

Dotx provide a clear insight in both modelling, and implementing advanced control concepts. They are good in cooperating with our own personnel.

How can we help?

Contact us and let us know what challenge you are facing.