Control Solutions Projects

April 6, 2020

Wind Turbine: Controller Tuning

automating the tuning process

Problem: Wind turbines often run 8 or more PID loops, and many of them have strong interactions. This causes manual tuning to give sub-optimal results.
Solution: An automatic tuning tool which optimizes all the controller parameters w.r.t. the loads, and the power.
Result: The time required to fully optimize the control loops is reduced from two weeks to just two days.
April 6, 2020

Wind Turbine: Pitch & Yaw optimization

Field Test Results

Problem: Wind turbines operate at a yaw error of about 6 degrees on average.
Solution: An Artificial Intelligence method to find the yaw angle that optimizes the power production.
Result: Increase in power production of 1.5%.
April 6, 2020

Optimisation of deacidification control

using a model based control system

Problem:The control loops were unstable.
Solution: New model based control system, developed using a physical model of the proces
Result: 80% reduction in pressure variations
April 6, 2020

System integration for batch crystaliser research

System integration for batch crystaliser research.Customer: ISPT, the Netherlands. ISPT, an abbreviation of the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology, is a so-called top knowledge institute, i.e. […]