Dotx Wind Turbine Controller

Dotx Wind Turbine Controller

The Wind Turbine Controller used by many OEM’s

The DotX Wind Turbine Controller is a wind turbine controller. It is used by several OEM’s in their multi-megawatt wind turbines. It is made in Ansi-C, and made such that it can be run on almost any PLC. The Wind Turbine Controller follows the GH Bladed DLL interface, and can be used easily on simulation tools such as FAST, Bladed or Phatas.

The Dotx Wind Turbine Controller is an extensions of our PID control Suite. The benefits of this controller are:

  • Performance: Optimal power curve, reduction of loads.
  • Reliability: been running for years on 100+ wind turbines.
  • Simplicity: Made to facilitate easy cooperation in your team using Git or SVN.

Description of the software package

What exactly is in the software package? The package consist of a batch file, to compile and link the code using the GCC compiler (free and public), and ANSI C source code only. There are no 3rd party libraries involved. All code is commented. The ANSI C-code consists of the following routines:

  • Speed Control: Optimal power and generator speed control
  • Individual Pitch Control:
    • 0P to reduce aerodynamic blade imbalance.
    • 1P to reduce the blade root bending moments up to 30%.
    • 2P to reduce the nacelle loads up to 20%.
  • Fore-Aft damper:
    • Active tower motion damping to reduce tower fatigue up to 30%
  • Active Drive Train Damping: To reduce fatigue on the drivetrain
  • Finite-State Machine based supervisory control:
    • Includes states such as a normal stop, emergency stop, LVRT, etc. Also it is very easy to add new states.
  • Extreme Gust Handling:
    • Special control modes to reduce ultimate loads
  • Model Based Fault Detection

Controller Add-Ons

We have various add-ons to the wind turbine controller which can be used also without having the full wind turbine controller (we have implemented parts of this in Simulink as an add-on as well):

Yaw Angle Optimizer

To optimize the yaw misalignment w.r.t. power

Read more…

Pitch Optimizer

To optimize the optimal pitch angle w.r.t. power

Read more…

Pitch Imbalance Optimizer

To reduce aerodynamic imbalance

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The Dotx Wind Turbine Controller has been used by 5 OEM’s, and it all the features and add-ons have been certified for their wind turbine, and found to be running reliable on 100+ wind turbines.

Customer reviews

In mijn mening toont Dotx wereldklasse in de ontwikkeling van windturbine-besturing. Ze kunnen de meest geavanceerde algoritmes toepassen om een besturingsuitdaging op te lossen, terwijl ze ervoor zorgen dat het in de praktijk werkt. Zelfs na vele jaren met hen samen te werken, weten ze me nog steeds af en toe te verrassen met nieuwe oplossingen.
S. de Groot – Wind Turbine Control Engineer – EWT

Example of the code


If you are interested in the Wind Turbine Controller, you can try out the following options:

  • Download our demo. The demo shows you step-by-step how to tune the Wind Turbine Controller for your wind turbine. It includes a copy of FAST, such that you can run all kind of simulations right out of the box.
  • Ask us for help. One of our control engineers will help you with the installation of the Wind Turbine Controller in your similation environment. We will make sure the controller is properly tuned such that you can run simulations in turbulent wind. This will be done on-site or remotely for the fixed price of 1600 euro’s.
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