Customer: Asperitas

In the fast-paced digital world we live in today, data centers are the unsung heroes that make it all possible. They're the engines that drive the internet, ensuring that we can connect, work, and play without missing a beat. However, they also consume a significant amount of energy, and the need for more efficient, sustainable solutions has never been more urgent.

Enter Asperitas, a forward-thinking clean-tech company that's leading the charge in greening the data center industry. Since 2014, Asperitas has been on a mission to revolutionize data center technology through their innovative approach: Immersed Computing®.

A Vision of Sustainability

At the heart of Asperitas' mission is a vision of sustainability that's set to redefine the industry. Immersed Computing® technology submerges servers in a specially designed fluid that not only cools them but also offers a range of benefits, from energy efficiency to enhanced performance. It's a true game-changer in the world of data centers, and Asperitas is at the forefront of making this vision a reality.

A Proud Collaboration

At DotX Control Solutions, we're honored to be a part of this journey with Asperitas. Our team has been actively involved in designing and implementing controllers for the Immersed Computing® technology, using Bachmann PLC programming to ensure the seamless and efficient operation of Asperitas' immersed data servers.

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