Controller SuiteĀ 

To realise optimised control systems

The Controller Suite is a cohesive set of software infrastructure, tools, and documentation developed to minimize system development time. All algorithms that need to run in real-time are coded in ANSI C, and therefore, the Controller Suite can be implemented in a wide range of controller hardware products on the market. It has been and is been applied, among others, to wind turbine control, automatic guided vehicle control, temperature control, laser and camera motion control.



What is included?

The package contains:

  • Main file source code (ANSI C) that calls the subroutines, and simulates the controller, and outputs simulation data to text files
  • ANSI C coded subroutines and libraries of PID controller, autotuning, first and second order filters, all with bumpless transfer
  • finite state machine to handle state transitions including startup, normal stops, and emergency stops
  • Compiler and linker makefile (GNU)

Application: wind turbine control

The Control Suite is used by several wind turbine manufacturers. For wind turbine control, the software package contains the following additional features:

  • Source code to create controller DLL that interfaces with Phatas, Bladed and FAST
  • Precoded optimal transition from partial load to full load and vice versa
  • Precoded Individual Pitch Control, Active tower damping (both fore-aft and side -to-side), active train drive damping
  • Model Based fault detection, reducing extreme loads
  • Software tools to optimize controller tuning for minimum fatigue loads
  • Software tools to fine pitch angle and yaw offset, thereby maximising the Power Velocity curve for each wind turbine
  • Software tools to analyse the result of optimizations, certified by GL
  • Extensive documentation