Dotx Control Solutions

DotX Control Solutions develops tailor made solutions to challenging control problems that increase the profits of your plant or system.

Our Company

Dotx Control Solutions, established in 2007 by Jan Schuurmans, grew within a couple of years and expanded its activities to control of a wide range of systems, such as 3D printers, furnaces, drones, and wind turbines. 

Our Vision

Clearly, control systems that are tuned optimally wil increase efficiency, productivity and quality. We value a sustainable future, and therefore, (co-)develop technologies that support this, such as hydrogen production, and wind energy production. 

Our Business Models

There are several variants:

  • Consultancy
  • Projects
  • Programs
  • Time & materials declaration
  • Investments in multiple forms such as amortizations, revenue sharing and licenses
  • Investments in the form of participations

Value for the Customer

When you choose to work with us, we can add value in four ways. First, you will experience  high quality service. We go for solving your challenge with minimal investment from your side, both in terms of time and costs. Secondly, we work with clear plans that contain a (phased) approach to resolve the challenge, milestones, deliverables, dates, and a clear justification of costs.

Our Team

Jan Schuurmans


Skills: Business development, consultancy, programming.

Education: PhD and MSc at Delft University of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, (Control Systems)

Jelle Kalsbeek

Control Engineer

Skills: senior control engineering, consultancy, algorithm development, programming (C/C++/Python/Matlab/PHP as well as PLCs, embededded)

Education: MsC Control Engineering at Delft University of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Control Systems

Pieter van Klaveren

Control Engineer

Skills: control systems engineering, algorithm development, consultancy, programming (C/C++/Python/Matlab/PHP/ …)

Education: MsC Delft University of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Control Systems