Online monitorĀ 

DotX Control Solutions has developed online real-time monitoring software that can be tailored to your needs. The figure below shows an example where the bottom of rivers can be monitored online, in a 3D viewer with, among others, rapid zooming. This is used for dredge decision making and in future, might be available to inland skippers, to avoid getting stuck while navigating the river.

Other applications

Online monitoring is also applied to control systems. The control systems data is then real-time analysed on stability, saturation of output, performance, play/hysteresis (for instance between demanded valve position and actual valve position). These data are viewed (one way only) by us (DotX) as well, and allows us to help maintain the control system perform optimally. As soon as we see an issue, we discuss it with the owner of the control system and help find solutions.


Control loop monitoring

In this application, the health of some critical control feedback loops is checked by algorithms running online, analysing data is uploaded to the webserver every 5 minutes. If loop health is wrong, an email alerts is send out immediately. The email alert explains why the loop health is not ok, and contains a link to the webpage, allowing the user to check the data and take action.

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