Problem: improve temperature control.
Result: quality improvements and 4.8% reduction in gas consumption

VDL Weweler is a producer of automotive suspension systems and axles. In 2010, after a feasibility study, DotX was assigned by VDL Weweler to implement a Model Predictive Controller to one of the Weweler walking beam furnaces. In January 2011, the controller was operational. A reduction of at least 4.8 % on average was measured.

The movie below shows the HMI (web-interface) of the furnace controller during production at VDL-Weweler while in operation on the VDL-Weweler reheat furnace (no simulation, actual production). Each blue bar represents a steel product. Each yellow bar shows the temperature of that product. We have increased the playback speed.

Weweler has changed from gas fired furnaces to electrical furnaces, and since then, our control system is no longer in use.