Control system monitor


Challenge: create a real- time control system monitor.
Result: web-based application

One of the Tata plants contains 6 critical control loops that control pressures. DotX was assigned to monitor these in real-time and take action in case one or more loops shows performance degradation, such as badly damped oscillations, actuator issues, and saturation.

DotX created an interactive intelligent web-based application for this which runs on any device with internet access, anywhere (PC, mobile phone, etc.). The relevant loop data is uploaded every 5 minutes to an Azure database environment. Once in there, the data is checked on loop health. One of the checks is on ‘actuator following the demanded position’. We use the CUMSUM method, combined with a model of the actuator’s response to the demand to flag an issue, where we trained the system on a year’s data. As soon as the detection is flagged, an email alert is sent to a group of people, among which DotX.

The figure below shows how the application looks like on a mobile phone (where the internet address has been changed for security reasons). It shows the Process Variable (PV) and Setpoint (SP) during the last hour.

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